DISCLAIMER: All audio content below is produced from scratch without the use of any external sound effect libraries. Best experienced with headphones.

GLOWING GLOVES - Gameplay Trailer

A First Person Boxing game for iOS produced with Apple’s AR-Kit in Unity by Bublar Studios, which I’ve provided all of the audio for using Wwise for implementation. Currently in Open beta and available for free on the Appstore.

Official Website

THE WILLFUL WEAPON - Prototype Gameplay

A current work in progress created in UE4 by level designer, Tomas Lundgren of which I have provided the audio for (Sound Design, VO production and Music). All Foley (weapons, movement, impacts, doors etc.) was recorded using a single Røde NTG4+ through a Zoom H5 and later processed in Reaper. The music was produced in Reason. All audio was implemented in engine using blueprints. 

MINIKIN - Prototype Teaser

"Enter a zoomed-in world where tiny lifeforms and vermin are in a constant power struggle for survival in a shabby, alien apartment complex..."

All SFX and VO was recorded with a Zoom H5 using the proprietary microphone modules (XY & shotgun). Sounds such as the ventilation fan and the jetpack were created entirely with the synthesizer "Thor" in Propellerheads Reason 7. The ambience and music were produced in Reason as well. All audio was implemented in engine using blueprints.

NIFELHEIM - Gameplay Trailer

UE4 project made by students at Forsbergs School of which I provided the audio for. Despite the end credits, all audio in this demo is produced by me alone.

Foley and voice acting was recorded through a Zoom H5 whereas objects such as the radio and the washing machine-like invention were created entirely using the ES2 synthesizer from Logic X. The spooky ambience was produced in Reason 7 (heard throughout the trailer). All audio was implemented in engine using blueprints.

FISHGAME - Prototype Gameplay

A prototype of a PvP game, created together with an employee from Rovio during my visit to a game jam at Forsberg's School, 5 - 6 November 2016.
You defeat the opposing fish by tricking it to crash into your stream or either of the walls

All SFX were created entirely with subtractive synthesis using the ES2 synth in Logic X. The music was produced in Reason 7. All audio was implemented in engine with C# (Unity 5).


This ambience was produced using only subtractive synthesis (no recordings).

*0:00-0:18 - Standing in a rainshower under an umbrella during thunder and lightning.

*0:19-0:30 - Fireplace closeup with slight background wind


2-day project produced in Reason 7 using only the stock orchestral library: An experimental reinterpretation of the musical score from Star Wars Episode 7. I do not own the rights to this music.